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New EPA Rule Hopes to Curb Diesel Emissions in Big Rigs

2569_16_blog_truckerdatabase-1In a 2016 report on greenhouse gas pollution published by the EPA, the government agency outlines a new requirement to decrease emissions that come from idling diesel engines in heavy-duty trucks. According to EPA data, these emissions are responsible for a significant source of pollution caused by trucks. Long-haul truckers seem to be the main culprits as they are parked for longer periods of time, and they use different power sources for heat, cooking and electronics.

Despite the perceived positive outcomes that this new rule may bring, many truckers are blaming those who put the policies together for being blind to the realities of driving a truck. What’s more, some truckers say it’s not physically possible to live in the conditions they face without running their engine or using an external power source.

On the other hand, some trucking company owners are prepared for the new regulations by installing idle-limiting devices on the rigs.

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