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Greg’s Story

On the morning of March 4, 2010, 37-year-old Gregory Muller was on his way to work. At the same time, a farming corporation made the fatal decision to ignore Oregon’s 18-wheeler and tractor-trailer state laws in order to make a profit.

Once on the highway, the tractor-trailer lost part of its load of hay bales which crashed into Gregory’s pick-up truck. The cab was demolished and Gregory was crushed.

His family was left with an emptiness that will never be filled.

The double trailered 18-wheeler was loaded with hay bales. The discovery process revealed the corporation knew

  1. the tractor trailer had received 23 or more safety violations three days before which had not been addressed or fixed,
  2. the driver did not have the experience or the required commercial license to drive the tractor more than 150 miles,
  3. the load was not properly secured and was 20,000 lbs over the weight limit, and
  4. the load had not been properly inspected.